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Partnering with the Vision 100 Network

Welcome to Vision 100 Network – a community dedicated to gathering and empowering churches and church leaders. Our vision is clear: to gather, resource, and train the next generation of church leaders, ultimately planting evangelistic, church-planting churches.

Why Partner with Us?

By partnering with the Vision 100 Network, you become part of a dynamic community of leaders focused on gathering, resourcing & training God’s people. Whether you're a church/parachurch leader or worker or a member of a congregation, there are numerous opportunities for you to get involved:

Attend Our Events:

Pray for Vision 100:

Support Our Vision:

Explore Partnership:

Already doing all these things? We'd love to hear from you! Reach out to us to learn more about how your Church or Organization can partner with the Vision 100 Network.

What it means to be a Vision 100 Partner

A Vision 100 Network partner church is a recognized local church that is based in Tasmania

and commits to:

• Share the values and beliefs of the Vision 100 network

• To be committed to and have your ministry shaped by networking, raising up

leaders and planting churches.

• Promote and attend Vision 100 events

• Consider financially supporting the work of the Vision 100 network

• Pray for the Vision 100 network

• Having your pastors/leaders connected with other leaders within the network

As a Vision 100 Partner Church you will benefit from:

• Teaching and training from other ‘experts’ within the network

• Support with establishing and maintaining MTS apprenticeships in your church

• Training opportunities for your MTS apprentices & interns

• Encouragement from hearing about Gospel growth across Tasmania

• A formalized relationship to theologically like-minded leaders in other

denominations and para-church organizations enabling support, fresh ideas and


• Access to leadership pipelines and ‘Raising Up Leaders’ resources

• Being included in the list of partner churches on the Vision 100 website

• Promotion of partner events from other Gospel growing ministries across Tasmania

• Having Vision 100 Committee members visit your church, explain the vision and

enthuse your church – if requested

• Additional avenues of support available for churches looking to church plant, by negotiation with the Vision 100 Committee

The Vision 100 Network
PO Box 5006
University of Tasmania LPO
Sandy Bay, TAS, 7005

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