Combined Apprentice Training

Vision 100’s Combined Apprentice Training program, our focus is on equipping ministry apprentices. Combined MTS training has been around since 2006, this program has been integral in developing and encouraging future ministry leaders.

Our training sessions are designed to support the growth and development of emerging ministry leaders. Participants will engage in discussions about personal and spiritual growth, the importance of prayer in life and ministry, and how to navigate difficult conversations. Our sessions cover essential ministry philosophies and principles, as well as key doctrines like atonement and salvation.

Practical ministry skills are a significant part of our training. You'll learn about effective time management, Duty of Care, Work Health and Safety, and privacy within a ministry context. Ecclesiology and church governance are also discussed to give you a little understanding of church operations.

Furthermore, our program includes training on one-to-one ministry, leading small groups, and follow-up strategies. You'll review different evangelistic courses, learn how to work effectively in a team, and address important issues such as sexual ethics and the interaction between church and culture.

Event Details:

Location: Wellspring Loft, Level 1, 43-47 Grosvenor St, Sandy Bay, TAS

Frequency: Fortnightly on Thursdays from February to June and August to November.

Registration: Contact us for more details.

The Vision 100 Network
PO Box 5006
University of Tasmania LPO
Sandy Bay, TAS, 7005

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