Emerging Leaders Day

Where are the next leaders engaged in vocational Christian ministry coming from? Are they in your church, but you need some guidance with next-steps? Are you keen to help raise them up and just want some encouragement and camaraderie in the task?

Our Emerging Leaders Days are one day each year devoted to promoting a culture of passing on the baton of ministry, especially through MTS Apprenticeships. It’s for pastors, trainers, ministry staff, current and future ministry interns/apprentices.

Our Emerging Leaders Days are an expression (and embodiment) of our statewide network, and a targeted event to stimulate investment in raising leaders generally, and ministry apprenticeships, specifically. We host our Emerging Leaders Days in partnership with MTS National.

We recognise that a ministry apprenticeship is just one link in a much longer (and much more-varied) chain or pathway of raising Christian leaders in our churches, under God. But we really want to see churches well-positioned to identify and prepare people to take that step; and we want churches to be well prepared, in partnership, to provide the very best support they can for existing apprenticeship.

So come along, get inspired and equipped, and meet and discuss with a bunch of other leaders from around the state.

Next Event:

Emerging Leaders Day

March 2025

Ross, Tasmania

Details coming soon

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University of Tasmania LPO
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